Data security is not just an IT issue.


Data security is a business imperative across all departments. The best firewalls, antivirus, and network equipment cannot prevent an organization from evolving threats and shifting security perimeters. OWL Cybersecurity enables organizations to protect their data, reputations, customer and partner relationships, and bottom lines.

We offer a dark net threat intelligence platform to allow organizations to understand and mitigate their digital exposure and risk. We complement this proprietary platform with a full range of cybersecurity assessment and consulting services, including risk analysis and threat intelligence, penetration testing, security code review, incident response, digital forensics, strategic analysis and policy review, and more.



With industry-leading processes, OWL Cybersecurity partners with clients to identify and demonstrate physical and network vulnerabilities that need to be addressed. Our consulting group provides guidance, leadership, and implementation strategies.

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OWL Vision helps organizations find evidence of theft, breach, data loss, or other business threats on deep and dark websites, helping mitigate damage prior to any misuse of information and  highlighting gaps in the security perimeter.

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