Shedding Light On The Darknet


"With emerging technologies and new customer trends constantly impacting the way consumers pay, information security can often be an afterthought on the path to innovation.
In the latest installment of the Commanders In Chief series, Mark Turnage, CEO of OWL Cybersecurity, shed light on why understanding the increasing threat of the darknet — and ensuring that products are safeguarded against it — is critical to ensuring that payments organizations can operate safely and security."

Check out the latest installment of PYMNTS Commander In Chief Series to read the full interview featuring OWL Cybersecurity. 

ColoradoBiz Mag: "How to run the world's largest database of dark net content"


ColoradoBiz Magazine released a feature piece on OWL Cybersecurity CEO Mark Turnage for their March, 2017 issue. Read the full article here

"Attorney-turned-entrepreneur Mark Turnage was born overseas to missionary parents. After serving as CEO and Vice Chairman of OPSEC Security Group, a global provider of anti-counterfeiting technologies and online brand protection, Turnage, 56, moved into the sizzling cybersecurity industry at Denver's OWL Cybersecurity, touted as the worlds largest commercially available database of dark net content."

OWL Cybersecurity Releases Tor-Pi-do Version 1.0.1 for Raspberry Pi 3

Denver-based cybersecurity company contributes to open-source Linux distro

DENVER—(BUSINESS WIRE)— OWL Cybersecurity, a Denver-based cybersecurity company offering what it believes to be the world’s largest commercially available database of darknet content, today announced the release of Tor-Pi-do Version 1.0.1 for Raspberry Pi 3. Tor-Pi-do Version 1.0.1 is a Linux distribution, also known as a distro, which enables the anonymous use of Tor with Mozilla Firefox on the Raspberry Pi 3.
This Linux distro brings together tools that enable secure Tor use on the Raspberry Pi 3, the most recent version of a series of credit card-sized, single-board computers developed to promote the teaching of basic computer science and computing in poor or developing nations. The idea for Tor-Pi-do Version 1.0.1 arose when the OWL Cybersecurity team needed an easy way to provide IT support during a workshop in which they would be taking more than a dozen IT executives onto Tor, free software that enables anonymous communication over the Internet.

“We are incredibly excited by the release of Tor-Pi-do,” said Andrew Lewman, OWL Cybersecurity Board Member. “The Raspberry Pi is an ideal device to leverage in an educational setting, and Justin’s work will allow a wider audience to explore the idea of internet anonymity.”

Justin Whitehead, OWL Cybersecurity Red Team lead, led the Tor-Pi-do project.
On Tor-Pi-do Version 1.0.1, DuckDuckGo is the default landing page for the browser, providing a starting point from which users can further explore Tor. Additionally, Wicd, an open-source network manager, is included to provide a simple interface from which users can connect to wired or wireless networks with a wide variety of settings.
This project is open-source, and OWL Cybersecurity encourages others to study, collaborate and improve upon the software.

Download Tor-Pi-do by clicking the below button or


Justin Whitehead (@H0m3l3sshacker) received a B.S. in Computer Information/ Forensics and holds the following certificates: C|HFI, C|EH, CCFE, CPT, ITIL, ACE, and Security +. Justin has been an integral part of the OWL Cybersecurity penetration testing team for the past 4 years, conducting manual external and internal penetration testing across a wide range of sectors to help clients validate compliance with internal policy and industry best practices. Justin has 4 years of computer forensic experience and continues to engage in and educate himself on the front lines of forensics and incident response. Additionally, Justin is a regular speaker at security industry conferences such as DefCon, BSides, DerbyCon, and GrrCon.

Bringing Light to the Darknet for Enterprise Organizations

One of the many conversations at RSA Conference 2017 about our darknet database took place between Intellyx reporter and Forbes contributor Jason Bloomberg and OWL Cybersecurity CEO Mark Turnage. Their discussion,  published in a spotlight article entitled "Bringing Light to the Darknet for Enterprise Organizations," focusses on OWL Cybersecurity's unique darknet offering, OWL Vision. 

 "Their unique service extracts data from thousands of darknet sites each day, indexes them and makes the resulting information available to their subscribers. Providing numerous filtering functions, the service acts like a search engine for darknet content enabling subscribing enterprise organizations to quickly detect potentially compromised data and mitigate damage before impact." - Jason Bloomberg and Charles Araujo of Intellyx 

OWL Cybersecurity Adds Andrew Lewman to Board of Directors

Cybersecurity veteran brings more than 30 years of business experience in technology and darknet to OWL Cybersecurity.

DENVER—(BUSINESS WIRE)— OWL Cybersecurity, a Denver-based cybersecurity company offering the world’s largest commercially available database of darknet content, today announced cybersecurity expert Andrew Lewman has joined its Board of Directors.

Lewman brings more than 30 years of business experience in technology and darknet, in addition to information security, systems administration and data management to the OWL Cybersecurity team. Lewman currently holds a senior position with Farsight Security and has previously held top executive positions at companies including The Tor Project and TechTarget. He has also served as an adviser to military and intelligence agencies, including the National Security Agency, Department of Homeland Security, and the Thorn Foundation.

"Andrew's extensive experience in cybersecurity — especially his work with The Tor Project — makes him a seasoned and valuable addition to our Board," said Mark Turnage, OWL Cybersecurity CEO. “The rapidly changing cybersecurity industry has only a few people who have witnessed the evolution of the darknet from the beginning, and we are thrilled to leverage Andrew’s experience on behalf of our clients.”

Lewman is also an accomplished author, with his most recent work, entitled “Tor and Links with Cryptomarkets," published by the European Monitoring Center for Drugs and Drug Addiction. He is also published by Fordham University Press and is a featured speaker at numerous technology conferences.

"I look forward to joining the Board of Directors at OWL Cybersecurity to leverage my experience and help empower their clients to continually improve their cybersecurity posture," said Mr. Lewman.

Lewman is also currently the treasurer at Emerge, a program working to end domestic violence through counseling and education. He is the chairman and treasurer of Each One Teach One, an organization that provides technical education, training and employment for girls, women and other disenfranchised students.

OWL Cybersecurity, based in Denver, provides what it believes to be the world’s largest database of darknet content and the tools and services to efficiently find hacked, leaked or compromised data. The proprietary OWL Vision platform automatically, anonymously and continuously collects, indexes and ranks dark net data, speeding the discovery of compromised information and empowering organizations to detect security gaps and mitigate damage. Complementing the OWL Vision platform is our range of comprehensive security services including assessment and penetration testing, incident response and forensics, architectural review, training, code review, risk assessment, gap analysis, and roadmap development, and policy, procedure, and control (PPC) review. For more information, please visit

What Lurks Beneath in the Dark Web?

Marc Rapport of published this piece on the darknet (though the article refers to it as the "dark web" - he is actually describing the darknet throughout), taking a closer look at how the darknet impacts the credit union industry. 

Don't have a account but still want to read the full article? Read a pdf version by using the viewer below! 

OWL Cybersecurity Director of Marketing Katie Toren shares her take on the relationship between credit unions and darknet data, saying, "We’ve included credit unions in our [OWL Vision] platform trials and I was struck by how open they are about sharing information... from a security perspective, working together is the way of the future. Credit unions seem to already do that.”


Analysis: 2016 Health Data Breaches, and What's Ahead

This recent publication from takes an in-depth look at the past, current and future state of cybersecurity in the healthcare industry. As part of their analysis, they differed to cyber experts for commentary, among them OWL Cybersecurity CEO Mark Turnage. 

 "Many healthcare records contain such a wealth of personally identifiable information that bad actors can leverage," Mark explains, pointing out that with that information, cyber attackers "can access current victim accounts or, in many cases, use the information to open up new, fraudulent accounts in the victim's name."

For Mark's full commentary and more on healthcare cybersecurity trends, read the whole article here.

Yahoo’s mega breach shows just how vulnerable data is

The Denver Post turned to OWL Cybersecurity's Mark Turnage (CEO) for an expert commentary on the recent Yahoo data breach and the role of the darknet in this record-breaking cyberattack. 

"OWL Cybersecurity, the Denver technology firm that regularly scrapes the dark web for digital signs of malicious threats, saw the 200 million Yahoo credentials for sale 'on and off for several months' before Wednesday’s admission by Yahoo, said Mark Turnage, OWL’s CEO. 'This again clearly shows why it’s important to monitor the darknet for the presence of your data, as it often precedes even the awareness of a breach.”'

Credit Union Cybersecurity Threats for 2017 … and What the Heck is the Darknet?

"OWL Cybersecurity CEO Mark Turnage enlightens our current, happy Internet world of buying anything from Amazon, searching for anything on Google, and watching cuddly cat videos on YouTube to turning it all upside down with the sinister underworld called the darknet."

"Mark also provides us with a current cybersecurity landscape, which will change by the time you finish reading this. He also reveals what else credit unions should be aware of in 2017 when it comes to cyber threats."

Watch the full interview with OWL Cybersecurity's CEO Mark Turnage by pressing play above, or by clicking here.

Website taking donations for the assassination of Donald Trump and Mike Pence

"This is an unusual case. Not only is someone purporting to raise money to commit a very high-profile crime -- one that will certainly garner attention from the highest and most sophisticated levels of the U.S. government -- one or more actors appear to be sending messages through the allegedly hacked source code of the Darknet site in question," said Mark Turnage, CEO, OWL Cybersecurity to CEO Online. Read more about the darknet site soliciting donations for the assassination of President-elect Donald Trump.

You can now buy a Mirai-powered botnet on the dark web

“Since many of the devices Mirai infects have hard-coded passwords which can’t be changed, anyone with the right skills can create their own botnet for free with the leaked Mirai source code,” said Mark Turnage, CEO of darknet intelligence firm OWL Cybersecurity, “this is very low-hanging fruit where a seller is being entirely opportunistic about the leaked Mirai source code.” Read more about the Mirai-powered botnet being offered for sale on the darknet.

Fighters of cybertheft spend time on the ‘dark net’

Denver's own FOX31 featured this piece on OWL Cybersecurity, advising their readers to protect themselves from the cyber-threats like malicious hackers and credit card thieves. 

As FOX31 reports, "In a high-rise above downtown Denver, a group of elite cybersecurity technicians are hard at work combing through an unusual and unpredictable online underworld.

When prime targets like big-box retailers, banks and insurance companies are breached, thieves post the data on the dark net only long enough for it to be sold. But OWL swoops in, grabbing sensitive info before it vanishes."

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Threat monitoring: Why watching the dark web is crucial

TechTarget reports on the importance of darknet monitoring and explains why it is vital to incorporate the darknet as part of a comprehensive cybersecurity plan.  

"Threat monitoring on the dark web adds an additional level of intelligence that many companies are grasping for in order to get a leg up on attackers. Just like anything else, these technologies aren't to be used solely by themselves. They're to supplement your threat monitoring architecture by being able to perform searches outside of your normal domain and within areas that attackers are performing business."

"It's for this reason that cybersecurity threat intelligence companies like OWL Cybersecurity... undertake threat monitoring of the dark web and other commonly used hacker sites to bring this correlated intelligence to your fingertips."

"It's becoming extremely difficult to monitor all areas that an attacker might post information, but having services review the dark web and other sharing platforms that attackers normally communicate is critical in today's threat monitoring and reputation protection."